Other Courses

We are constantly updating classes offered in attempt to give a variety of opportunities and a broad range of experiences to our students. Each class is eligible to be taken as an elective class that will count toward graduation. This year includes: Cooking, Sewing, K-5 Creative Writing, and Yearbook Production. 


Led by Mrs. Karen Kennedy, students learn useful skills such as sewing, mending, cooking, baking, needlework, and more. Spiritual truths are integrated into everyday homemaking tasks to help students see the value in everything they do. While learning, students share their delicious creations with their peers and discover new abilities that will aid them throughout their life.

K-5 creative writing (2nd Semester Only)

Communication in written form is becoming a lost art in our society, but we desire to encourage students to learn proper writing techniques that will help them succeed in the workplace and communicate with their peers, future co-workers, and future superiors most effectively. Mrs. Missy Taylor and Mrs. Kathy Robertson will help guide your children to enhance their writing abilities.

Yearbook Production (2nd Semester Only)

High school students assist in taking pictures and editing the annual CBCA "Conqueror."