What you can expect for your Elementary student (Grade K-5th).


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Curriculum for elementary

We are constantly updating classes offered in an attempt to give a variety of opportunities and a broad range of experiences to our students. Each class is eligible to be taken as an elective class that will count toward graduation. This year includes K-2 Geography, K-2nd and 3rd-5th Physical Education plus much more.


Students define the word rhythm, learn different ways that ordinary objects can make musical rhythmic sounds, and create musical rhythms from ordinary objects. Students explore the ten essential elements of music: beat, tempo, dynamics, instrumentation, style, rhythm, meter, melody, harmony, and form.


Our drama department has been expanded to include our elementary level, giving those students the opportunity to experience the fundamentals of stage performance and public speaking. Students have different performance dates throughout the year.


Our Chapel time for Elementary students is a fun time of exploring the Bible stories and how they relate to our lives today. Students learn fundamental truths about God’s creation, God’s love, our sin, Christ’s payment on the cross for that sin, the obedience God desires, and more.


(GRADES 3-5th: 1st SEMESTER)
We know kids need a time to let out their energy in a productive manner, have fun with other kids, and learn at the same time. Our P.E. class takes place in the Gym each week. Let the games begin!


In this class, we will be exploring bees and how they work together in the hives and what an important part they play in our lives. We will also be studying gardening and how, even at a young age, the students can help and even maintain their own plants and/or gardens. We will also tie together how bees play a role in our gardens and in our produce found out our local grocery stores.


Our art program offers classes under the direction of Mrs. Melissa Shuart. In our art program we desire to encourage students to express and develop creativity. We start with learning about the color wheel, the use of rulers and scissors, and from using shapes to draw to understanding texture, shading, and perspective.


What is a melodica? The melodica is a free-reed instrument similar to the harmonica but in the form of a portable piano. It has a musical keyboard on top, and is played by blowing air through a mouthpiece that fits into a hole in the side of the instrument. Pressing a key opens a hole, allowing air to flow through a reed. Melodicas are small, light, and portable. This class teaches students how to play the musical keyboard so that they can transfer their knowledge to a piano or larger keyboard.


(GRADES K-5TH) Lunchtime is provided for students to refuel and finish out the day strong. Pack your student's lunch for them to bring or you can purchase pizza for them on a lunch account.

Field Trips and Special Events

Throughout the school year, special events are scheduled for your elementary student to participate in.


Special trips for learning and to have fun. Parents will be notified in advance and permission forms will be provided.


As students develop throughout the year, they have the opportunity to audition for productions to showcase what they learned.


Elementary students work very hard learning the fundamentals and get to show off what they have learned during this special event.


Your student will have the opportunity to display their accomplishment in creativity with art as they progress their talent.