first steps to enrollment

CBCA offers families three options under the same price structure.  Our record keeping program offers members full access to record keeping, fine arts, and athletics, and provides students with a transcript/diploma upon completion of high school.  Our associate program offers access to all fine arts/athletics aspects and does not include record keeping.  Our remote records program is available to families who desire record keeping only.

Online Registration Now Available!

Please do not use an iPad or tablet. Use only a regular PC or Mac for the online system.


Thank you for your interest in CBCA. Applications may still be submitted for new students for the 21/22 school year. These students will be placed on a waiting list. If we are unable to accept your student based on openings in the current school year, you will need to reapply for the 22/23 school year. 

enrollment options

full program

associate program

remote program

Tuition & fees

Fee Schedule for 2021 – 2022 is as follows:
Registration/tuition/class fees are non-refundable and applicable per student per year.

registration: (due with registration forms)​

NEW STUDENTS (not enrolled 1 year prior) – $75 per student

RETURNING STUDENTS (from 1 year prior) – $75 per student ($40 if enrolled by May 30)

tuition: due annually. Receive a 10% discount if paid in full by June 30​

  • Grades K-2 nd $295
  • Grades 3rd -5th $315
  • Grades 6th -8th $365
  • Grades 9th -12th $480
  • Family Maximum Tuition $1,150

cbca classes included in tuition (as available/grade-specific):

  • Choir
  • Drama
  • Rhythm Band
  • Yearbook Production
  • Geography
  • Physical Education (P.E.)

additional classes offered (as available/additional fees apply)​

  • Art
  • Band
  • Cooking
  • Sewing
  • Tech/Video Production

Athletics (dependent on students registered) (6th-12th girls/boys)

  • Girls’ Volleyball
  • Girls’ Basketball
  • Boys’ Basketball (7th-12th grade only)
  • Co-Ed Golf
  • Co-Ed Cross Country
  • $100 – ATHLETIC FEE (per sport) 
  • $50 BAND (6TH -12TH, instrument not included)
  • $50 THE CONQUEROR-YEARBOOK (minimum 1 per family) –
  • $50 each additional yearbook per family
  • TBA High school competition entry fees billed as applicable for state and national entries
  • $75 9th-12th Tech/Video Production plus laptop 
  • $10 Art 6 th -8 th
  • $20 Art 9 th -12th
  • Cost of Supplies Consumer Science 6th -12th (Cooking/Sewing Supplies)
  • $20 CBCA Polo Shirt available for purchase
  • TBA (2 per year) Fall/Spring Fundraisers (per student)
  • $110 each Fundraiser Opt-Outs (per student per fundraiser)
  1. Registration, tuition, and other fees are per student per year for each year enrolled with the exception of the yearbook fee (one per family per year).
  2. The family maximum applies only to tuition.
  3. All classes are included in the tuition cost; however, certain classes noted have additional fees.
  4. To receive an early payment discount on tuition, you must pay the full amount by June 30; otherwise, the total amount is due (tuition and other fees) by the first Friday school date, unless arrangements are made in advance with the administration to set up a payment plan. Failure to make payments by due date will result in a late fee and possible removal from CBCA. Withdrawal or removal from CBCA does not constitute a forgiveness of the balance due.
  5. Other specified fees are billed as applicable. All fees/registration/tuition are non-refundable.
  6. CBCA schedules two mandatory school-wide fundraisers during the school year. All registered students are required to participate in both fundraisers. Students who choose not to participate will be obligated to the fundraiser opt-out fee per fundraiser.

how to enroll


1. Complete & Submit Application Form

NEW STUDENTS (Any students who were not enrolled last school year) APPLY ONLINE HERE FOR THE 2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR!



2. Schedule an Interview


3. Provide Required Documents